Sliding Door Security Bar

The Lockking Sliding Door Security Bar is designed for Sliding Glass Doors, Sliding Windows, and Pet Doors.

SHOP SECURE WITH Sliding Glass Door Lock Bar



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  • Sliding Glass Doors and Windows are vulnerable access points in your home.
  • Many Homeowners place a stick in the track to prevent the sliding door or window from being opened.
  • This is a easy fix but not permanent, mostly a inconvenience.
  • The stick requires the Homeowner to be aware at all times that the stick is in place.
  • Constant bending over to pull the stick out and and remembering to put it, that can be a pain.

Sliding Glass Door Lock Bar

  • LockKing Sliding Glass Door Lock Bar will move easily with the door when it Opens and Closes, Always In Place.


A Simple Lift Up in the Middle to Unlock or Push Down on the Middle of the Security Lock Bar to Lock it.

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  • LockKing Security Lock Bars can be Installed at Different Heights, and are User Friendly for Seniors and Disabled.
  • The Security Bar is Easily Installed, a hex wrench is supplied for a Simple Installation.
  • The Security Lock Bar can be removed without any damage to your slider, unless when using the optional screws used for Commercial applications.
  • Installed Security Lock Bars can take up to 3″ in width when the door is fully opened.
  • The Mounting Brackets are 3/4″ Wide and need a Flat Surface to mount to.
  • Lockking Sliding Door Security Bar come in 3 standard colors, White, Black, and Stainless Steel.
  • Lockking Sliding Door Security Bars, are available in most standard sizes to fit Sliding Doors and Windows.
  • Custom Sizes are available for Sliding Glass Doors and Sliding Windows.  Please Contact Us at:
  • Lockking Products are Manufactured with Aircraft Quality Aluminum to Lockking Specifications.

Proudly Made in the USA
 Lockking Sliding Door Security Bar Made in USA


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