Dog Door Locks Information

Dog Door Locks for Sliding Glass Doors with Pet Door Panels.

Dog Door Locks

  • LockKing Dog Door Locks for Pet Door Panels are designed to move with the sliding glass door as it opens and closes.
  • The Security Bar secures the sliding glass door or patio door against the pet door panel.
  • Always in Place, Always in Sight, a Simple Push Up to Unlock it, and a Push Down to Lock it.

hand locking sliding glass door security lock bar
hand unlocking sliding glass door security lock bar


  • No sticks or pins to mess with, No Bending Over.
  • When ordering Pet Door Panels, make sure they are not too big that a person can’t exit when the door is open.
  • Lockking Security Bar can take up to 2”-3”.
  • Lockking Security Bar/Locks for sliding glass doors or patio doors will give you a better sense of home security.

Lockking Dog Door Locks action with Pet Door
6′ Sliding Glass Door with 12″ Panel

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