Sliding Door Lock Bar-Information


Sliding Door Lock Bar for Sliding Glass Doors, Sliding Windows, and Dog Doors.

Sliding Door Lock Bar

Lockking Sliding Door Lock Bar

LockKing Commercial Sliding Door Lock Bars are for Commercial and Residential Use.

  • The Adjustment Screw on the bottom track helps makes the lock bar tamper proof.
  • Easy to Adjust with the supplied Hex Wrench.
  • Mounting Brackets are Pre-Drilled with supplied screws as an option.
  • The Bracket Mounting Surface is cleaned with rubbing alcohol,(isopropyl)
  • After a Simple Adjustment the Sliding Door Lock Bar is Ready To Use.
  • The Sliding Door Lock Bar is Self Adjusting and moves with the door.
  • No Difficulty with Pins, Sticks and Clamps.
  • To Unlock the Lock Bar Lift Up in the Middle, to Lock, Push Down in the Middle.

hand unlocking bar
hand locking bar

  • The Sliding Door Lock Bars are Always Ready to Use.
  • The Lock Bars come in White, Black, and Stainless Steel.

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