How To’s

  • After LockKing Security Lock Bar has been installed, it will move with the door as it opens and closes, staying in the unlocked position until locked.
  • LockKing Security Bar for Sliding Glass Doors is very easy to use.
  • A simple push up to unlock or a push down to lock is all that is needed.

“Push up on LockKing Security Bar to Unlock”

“Push down on LockKing Security Bar to Lock”

lockking sliding glass door security lock bar unlocking position

lockking sliding glass door security lock bar locking position

  • LockKing Security Bar is ideal for any home or business with sliding glass doors that needs added security.
  • LockKing Security Bar can be installed at different heights
  • Low for foot usage
  • Handle height for hand use
  • High for out of childrens reach
  • With it’s unique adaptabiltiy works great for
  • Seniors, Disabled, Business’s and Homes.

How to Install a Lockking Commercial Security Bar/Lock

How to Install a Lockking Residential Security Bar/Lock

Lockking Security Bar/Lock Commercial

Lockking Security Bar/Lock Commercial

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